Holler is all about communication and interaction and being heard

Holler is all about communication and interaction and being heard. We set up Holler Technology Ltd to offer a suite of complimentary products and services that provides customers with a one-stop-shop for support, billing and account management. It’s very much about technological solutions deployed by real people. We believe in the cloud and all that it offers in terms of cost savings, security, ease of deployment, but we also believe customers need easy access to support staff and real feet-on-the-street.

Richard Burbage, CEO of Holler, set up his first communications business at the age of 19. Can you believe that involved the supply of telex and fax machines, before branching out to telephone systems? 10 years later and after a successful industry sale, Richard set up his second business, Centrix Ltd, which embraced more comprehensive communications solutions including connectivity and lines and minutes. 15 years later, and another trade sale, it was time to do something new. And some of those customers have been with us from the beginning.

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