Behind every successful company is its staff. And Holler Technology is no exception.

Approaching 30 years in business the core team behind Holler have worked together since the late 1990s. Our first business, Centrix Ltd was acquired by AdEPT Technology Group plc in 2015 and for the next 5 years we flew under the AdEPT brand before branching out in our own direction, to focus on our core competencies, in 2020.

Our Origins

If we trace the origins the origins of the business we began very much as an on-premise PBX reseller supplying ISDN/PSTN solutions with lines and minutes. As the technology evolved so did our expertise and broader portfolio to encompass VoIP and IP telephony, SIP and internet connectivity. When voice became another application that sat on the LAN (or the cloud) it became logical for the business to evolve further and to start to support the IT requirements of our customers. Most recently, having provided an end-to-end LAN/WAN solution to our customers, it seemed obvious to get involved the IoT (Internet of Things) and other IP0-based technologies such as access control and CCTV.

Real people

During all this time the one thing that underpinned the entire business was a Helpdesk that was accessible and knowledgeable. Real people that can be contacted over the phone, by email, web chat etc. We never understood the logic in hiding those skilled people behind automated attendants or CRM systems which simply frustrate and delay addressing the problem. If you’re a Holler customer you can expect old-fashioned service with the very latest cutting edge technology. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds.

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